Digital Marketing Course

Where is your training institute located ?

Our training institute is located at Karkhana, Secunderabad.

What is the future of digital marketing in India?

Today every business is moving towards digital media. Not only bigger companies but also small and medium business also needs digital marketing expertise. This is where digital marketers comes into picture. As the requirements for a digital marketer will increase in the coming years, so will digital marketing industry as well.

What is the future of Digital Marketers?

Digital Marketers after working in different organisations, after acquiring a good experience can start their own firm or business. Digital Marketers can also become freelancers. After working for 4 to 5 years, Digital Marketers can also become managers or higher executive levels in an organisation.

Who is the trainer in your training institute ?

Sushmita madhu is the trainer of this institute and you can check her profile here

Do you provide Internship ?

We provide internship and give you internship certificate but without stipend .

Do you have any live project to work on ?

Yes we have live projects and we will work on the projects once the training is completed or sometimes parallely we work .

Do you provide job placements ?

We will provide placements but we cant assure you that we will only place you, just we will support you with the companies.